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What Upload And Download Speed Is Good To Connect To The Internet?

It’s a very good question! And since we know that it seems complicated to solve, we bring you all the information so that you finally know what upload and download speed is good for your Internet connection.

There is nothing better than watching your favorite series at the speed of light and in the best quality or connecting without any problem to your social networks to gossip about what your contacts are doing ( ahem, ahem )… and what about sending messages whenever you want? without waiting for the sent tick to appear on your WhatsApp? In all these services, what we often call “ megabytes ” influences, although it is nothing more than the upload and download speed of our network, but what exactly are they? Keep reading! We explain them one by one.

What is Internet upload speed?

Sometimes this type of speed may not be taken into account or you may not have heard much about it, but listen to us: it is very important. The upload speed influences all those services in which we are the ones who send information over the Internet. It is nothing more than the speed with which we send or transfer data over the network . This is where the time in which our messages are sent to our recipients comes into play, through, for example, instant messaging in our favorite apps or the emails we send to our boss on a Monday… Simple, right?

What is Internet download speed?

This is usually the most popular and the one we all look at. And yes, surely you have already guessed it: the download speed is the speed with which you download information from the Internet . The higher it is, the less time you have to wait to get what you want to see (it can be the latest episode of your favorite series, for example).

Both the upload speed and the download speed can be the same or different . They will be the same if it is a symmetric optical fiber and the values ​​will be different if we are talking about asymmetric optical fiber (because the download and upload speeds are different).

How to choose the best upload and download speed?

Once the theory is learned, let’s go to practice: how to choose the best speed? Depending on what you need, the upload and download speed that is good for you will be one or the other. And it is that not everyone has the same priorities in their use of the Internet. But we tell you what you have to look for to make it easier to choose.

Characteristics of a good Internet connection

Before choosing the best Internet upload and download speed, it is essential that we talk about what characterizes a good Internet connection. The most normal thing is that we take into account:

  • Internet connection speed (you know: the ones we’ve been talking about).
  • If we have Wi-Fi, the strength (and quality) of the signal we receive.
  • Quality of the router (that little gadget we all know).
  • If our connection is with cables, its material.

So what upload and download speed is good for me?

As we have told you before, it depends! And it is that the type of use that you are going to give to the Internet will be key. However, here are some common facts and what to keep in mind.

So that it does not sound strange to you, the unit of measurement that is taken into account in these cases is the Mbps or megabits per second , which is basically a unit of data transmission that is responsible for measuring the number of megabits that are transferred per second. .

Now let’s get down to business:

Speed ​​between 1 and 10 Mbps

This type of symmetric speed is one of the most basic and will suffice for those people who want to, for example, simply send and receive mail . Although it is cheaper, of course, it would not be suitable for more demanding users.

Minimum 5 Mbps upload speed

It is ideal as an upload speed for those users who, for example, want to upload content such as photos to social networks . However, things get a bit complicated if what you want is to share videos, since this type of upload speed can cause problems in the waiting time for them to load.

Upload speed from 300 Mbps

With this option, uploading large videos of up to 3 GB will no longer be a problem, since the process will only take a few minutes. It is therefore ideal for those people who want to upload a good amount of content to social networks, such as videos or a large package of photographs. This type of speed is usually the most common in homes where more than one device is used.

Speeds of 3Mbps, 5Mbps and 25Mbps

This information is what interests those who love streaming series, movies and videos . Come on, for fans of Youtube, Netflix or HBO. Depending on the quality in which we want to display our content, we will use one of the types of speed described.

8Mbps speed

Here we talk about the cases when users need to make and receive video calls. As the information that is transferred in this type of calls is both input and output, it is necessary that the upload and download speed is good.

As you can see, everything will depend on the use you are going to give your connection. And if you are still not very clear, we leave you our fiber and mobile offers so that you can make the best possible decision.

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