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Your Ability To Relate Opens or Closes Professional Doors For You

Famous people always do better. If you are professional and famous, you will get more opportunities. Therefore, strengthening and cultivating our network is essential to developing our full potential as professionals.

Currently, in a dynamic market, the only thing that remains of us is, on the one hand, our brand (the reputation and memory that we leave) and, on the other, our network (the contacts and professional relationships).

What is the basis for achieving this professional popularity ?: NETWORKING

Networking is the ability to generate, maintain and strengthen lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with focus and strategy and in a pleasing way. And if what we want to see more straightforwardly or colloquially, I would say that it consists of having good professional friendships. All that friendship implies personal, pure, and disinterested affection, shared with another person, which is born and strengthened with treatment.

The more you give to others, the more you receive from others. Therefore, the more you give to life, life gives you more. Identify who you are interested in relating to, who you are interested in learning from, who you are interested in modeling and looking like, what professionals you know, in what sector, in what organizations.

The possibilities are endless!

Now it is easier than ever to access, meet and interact with other people and professionals. Therefore, it is necessary to have a goal and a strategy if you do not want to overwhelm yourself trying to reach hundreds or thousands of people. Or what is the same, you should have a networking plan.

A practical and straightforward networking plan is made up of four easy steps:

  • Define your professional objective: what you want to achieve.
  • Identify who can help you or know who can help you.
  • Think and determine how you can approach and interact with these people.
  • Investigate and establish what you can contribute to them.

Remote and summer networking is possible

Summer is an ideal time to boost your network of contacts and develop a good networking strategy. Reconnect and maximize your professional relationships taking advantage of the more relaxed and open time and spirit that summer offers us, for example, greeting and contacting professionals in your sector.

The intention to contribute, share and help is usually enough, especially at the beginning of a relationship. The power of choice to be of use generates a connection with that person. Always in a natural and close way.

Although physical contact has been reduced in recent months that we have lived teleworking, caring for and nurturing our network from a distance is possible. People need genuine care, interaction, and affection. And, by the way, we can advance professionally in a tangible way.

We all go further thanks to the help, support, and cooperation. And for this, knowing how to relate is vital.

I continuously observe it with our students at ProHireMe: 93%, those who refocus their way of relating and initiate an effective and well-founded networking plan – and this happened through a good follow-up – they get their ideal job or the professional change they are looking for, In 3 months.

Your way of relating changes everything

The way to get closer to people, generate conversations, and deepen and have continuity in the discussions is because the conversations bring you professional opportunities.

Perhaps this article has been a bit too small for you, or it is difficult to put it into practice. For this reason, I anticipate that we will continue writing about how to master the art of conversations and be excellent interlocutors.

I also share that this article is an excerpt from a chapter of my Infinite Employment reference book, where I address this issue in depth. There is Infinite Employment for those who know how to relate well, among other reasons. I invite you to read it if you want to advance on your own and improve professionally in satisfaction, future projection, and income.

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