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Care, Individuality And Love: Tips For Shop Owners From Shop Owners

After all, online shops today are operated in a highly professional manner. Shop owners in most industries are forced to be extremely strategic in order to survive in a world that is ruled by Amazon and ebay. Searches for qualified e-commerce experts are raining on the job boards.

So why not ask these experts for advice? Nobody knows better about the problems of shop construction and management than someone who has to deal with them on a daily basis. So I put out feelers and asked for practical tips from near and far in Hessian online shops. I can now offer you the result exclusively for reading:

Data quality increases shop quality

“Maintain the master data of your articles properly and in detail right from the start. As unnecessary as it seems at the beginning, it usually has to be done quickly Money. The quality of the data is immensely important in order to stand out from the competition in terms of filtering and comparing the products in the shop. Nothing is more pleasant for the customer than to find exactly what he wants. ”

Storytelling: the only constant in the next few years

“Amazon already handles every second online purchase in Germany, and the trend is rising. For small and medium-sized online shops, this results in both risk and opportunity. Therefore, in our opinion, one should concentrate on what Amazon cannot offer its customers: emotional stories and personal communication. We see storytelling as the only constant that will exist in marketing and corporate communication in the next few years. The more rational and technologically optimized global corporations shape our world, the more customers, whether online or offline, will be after good ones. Longing for stories – stories told by people and not by corporations. ”

Growth driver mass customization

“Our e-commerce business model enables customers to personalize products online. I am convinced that mass customization will be a major growth driver for successful e-commerce providers in the future.”

Structure, image and content

“A nicely structured page is half the battle. The online presence should be very easy to understand and reduced to the most important things in order to offer the user a simple and intuitive user interface. In addition, the texts should be kept as concise as possible and predominantly attractive Photos are worked. As the saying goes, ‘pictures say more than a thousand words’.

Text is of course required for the Google ranking, but it should be optimized for search engines and placed in the right place.

Another important point is to breathe life into the website by continuously feeding it fresh, interesting content. It’s not called ‘Content is King’ for nothing. ”

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