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Why Is Saving Water So Crucial In Companies? 7 Key Tips

Although somewhat late, the catastrophic consequences of global warming make us more aware of responsible consumption every day. And not only at home and on a personal level, but also on the street and at work. And one of its most significant manifestations has been taking place for some time with the saving of water in companies.

Why does this happen? Why is saving water in companies so important? And what can we do to join the cause?

It is a fateful and imminent reality that global change worsens our planet’s stay. Every day, the climate is rarer, the poles are melting, there is more pollution … And there are so many free actions that we can do to avoid it as much as possible, that, by now, all people and in all companies should have already been implemented.

A new trend: ecological commitment

Today, focusing on responsible environmental consumption is a trend adopted by many companies in the form of certificates of corporate social responsibility, compliance with environmental regulations, and Environmental Quality Management Systems at an international level.

All this is collected by the ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), an official and international institution dedicated to approving legislation that companies can certify on the quality of various issues.

In recent years, there has been an increase in environmental regulations, which allow companies to obtain an ecological quality seal.

Another way of committing to the environment is adopting corporate social responsibility as a form of business. In addition, we must add that the business environment generates a greater consumption of water than the domestic one. Some companies related to hospitality, cleaning, or the use of chemicals tend to use water as one of their most significant resources.

7 tips to promote water saving in companies

Of all the things you can do to help the environment, saving water is one of the things that is possibly going to cost you the least. You can do so many things to promote yourself as an eco-friendly company that you can choose in which sector your company should collaborate.

Just by detecting the expense that you generate the most if you have the resources to be able to implement these actions for the environment, and how it favors your company. Although, concerning the latter, there is no doubt that there will always be a positive result.

Do you want to know how you can promote water saving in your company? Here we leave you a series of fundamental tips to put your grain of sand in improving the quality of the environment.

Recognize the value of water in your company

A widespread mistake in humans is to believe that water is an infinite resource. And not. We are used to consuming water as if there were no tomorrow in which, perhaps, we lack this essential good.

Indeed, water has always been considered an inexhaustible resource, but we cannot depreciate the value as if abuse and overspending would never seriously harm our planet.

Measure and limit your spending and use, if necessary

Once you have detected a possible misuse or excessive use of water, would you be able to draw up a plan of measures to reduce said consumption? It may not be so easy, as it may mean spending more on other resources or an intense awareness-raising exercise on reducing use.

But first, you will need to start by measuring current spending. To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What sources of water do you use for its consumption?
  • How many liters of water do you use per month?
  • Are there variations from month to month? If so, why?
  • For what purpose do you consume the water?

You should end these approaches by asking yourself if all the water consumption you make is necessary, or if, on the contrary, you can avoid or substitute some percentage of the water for something more ecological or recyclable. Or directly eliminate unnecessary water use.

Try to extend your practices to collaborators and suppliers.

It is an excellent way to influence your business environment. Let it be known that you take these measures to revalue water and care for the planet. Try to reach agreements so that your partners or suppliers (if you have them) also participate in these measures and adopt them in their own companies.

In this way, you will be able to reduce the consumption of your own company and that of your surroundings. And this will increase your participation in caring for the environment much more.

Implement an Environmental Quality System

As we have already mentioned, there are some ways to execute these measures in a more effective, official, and certified method. It is about the implementation of the ISO 14001 environmental quality standard.

The good thing about this regulation is that any company can access its certification. It involves the approval of an Environmental Management System by applying the requirements contained in the regulatory standard, ISO 14001. This certification is also known as “the green seal.”

Collaborate with external organizations specialized in environmental care

Or invest in infrastructure to collaborate with water companies dedicated to treating wastewater and pollution. In this way, you will not only be helping to save water in companies, but you will also be contributing a part of your resources to promote the action of “recycling water.”

You can even go viral for challenges whose objective is to save a certain amount of water in a limited period.

Involve all the employees of your company

In this case, it is essential that, as a company, you lead your entire team once again on a greener path. You must tell your employees what your plan is, how it will affect the company, why, and what role they take in all this.

Bring them together, see the importance of saving water in companies, and what external benefits you will receive for carrying out this type of action. Encourage and incentivize them to conserve water and do everything possible so that their environment does too.

Always look for other ways to collaborate with the environment

At this point, it is clear that excessive water consumption is not the only problem that threatens the environment of our planet . Recognizing all the possibilities for improvement within the internal and external processes of your company will help you understand how you can collaborate in a more active way, and in what other ways, apart from saving water in companies.

Some actions that are already being valued as a differential proposition of many business organizations are, for example:

  • The recycling and reuse of containers that pollute.
  • The substitution of virgin plastic for recycled ones or other biodegradable materials.
  • The consumption of organic products, food, infrastructure, and other resources is necessary.
  • Digitization of documents, processes, and communications will help save on the usual paper costs.

Why should we promote water saving in companies?

We live in a world full of resources, and every day more directed towards new technologies making us leave behind the exploitation of natural sources. Why not take advantage of it?

In addition, being responsible for the environment has positive consequences for the course of our planet. Logically, but this is also the main purpose and the most significant benefit that we can generate; collaborate in the care and appreciation of our natural resources. But obtaining quality seals has other positive benefits for the company, such as:

  • Improve corporate image
  • Gain trust from third parties, customers, and suppliers
  • Be more competitive within the market
  • The possibility of gaining international visibility

All these advantages are excellent reasons to promote water saving in companies.

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