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8 Solutions To Boost Your Company’s Presence On Social Networks

What are the benefits of boosting your presence on social networks?

Knowing that 85.9% of people are active on social networks, they are becoming essential tools for businesses. A presence on one of these platforms has many advantages:

  • Generate qualified traffic on the brand ‘s website.
  • Maintain a privileged relationship with the community.
  • Obtain fine-grained user data such as email addresses.
  • Building brand awareness through internet users recommending the brand, etc.

How to boost your presence on social networks?

A professional use of networks is not similar to an individual use. The company must think about each publication, set up an editorial line, maintain a regular rhythm, offer quality content, etc.

1. Identify the social networks that correspond to the target

Faced with the multitude of platforms on the market, a company is tempted to use them all. However, some of them are not necessarily adapted to its activities . In order to identify the most relevant networks, the brand must ask itself several questions:

  • What types of content to publish?
  • What is the target age group?
  • What type of business: B2B or B2C ? etc

2. Use hashtags in posts

Initiated by Twitter, hashtags are becoming powerful tools for natural referencing . Internet users can easily find a company’s content by typing a simple keyword. This concept is becoming a standard for all social networks. On the other hand, it is necessary to know the good practices in its use. On LinkedIn, for example, it is advisable to use no more than three hashtags.

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3. Multiply partnerships

Even if a professional page publishes quality content, this effort would be wasted if it registers a low number of views. On social networks, sharing is an effective tool to increase the visibility of a brand . To easily achieve this objective, the latter can resort to affiliation and set up an influence strategy .

4. Offer engaging content

Whether online or on social media, content is king . The majority of existing platforms offer visual content. This is why content associated with an image is more likely to be seen and shared by users than content without an image.

Companies that can consistently produce videos, articles, and podcasts have a competitive advantage . Beyond the production of content internally, it is possible to find relevant elements on the networks to share them on the company’s account.

5. Adapt the content according to the platform

Each social network operates according to its own code. Companies often make the mistake of delivering the same content across all channels . Yet each platform’s audience has different needs. Take the example of Twitter, the social network appreciates conciseness at the expense of long articles which are more intended for Facebook and LinkedIn. Similarly, these same articles will not meet with success on Instagram, which favors videos and images.

6. Maintain communication with the community

The purpose of a social network is to maintain communication. For a brand, a page encourages customers to interact. Interacting with your community is the best way to boost your presence on social networks . This exchange makes it possible to build a more human relationship and strengthen customer confidence.

7. Hire a community manager

Ensuring all these actions takes time and skill. If the company does not have these resources in-house, it can outsource the management of its social networks. The professional dedicated to this role is the community manager . Its main missions are:

  • Interaction with the community;
  • Publishing content regularly;
  • Improving brand awareness, etc.

8. Use advertising sparingly

All the tips mentioned above can boost your presence on social networks from an organic point of view. However, a brand can use sponsored posts . Before adopting this strategy, the marketing team must define clear objectives. An advertising campaign aims for example to increase the conversion rate of prospects on a given offer.

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