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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vacuum Robots

They are becoming more and more popular: the small, flat devices that whip up the apartment at the push of a button. But how do vacuum robots work, and are they so good that the classic vacuum cleaner can stay in the corner? We will explain to you in the following article.

What is a robotic vacuum cleaner?

With a height of around ten centimeters and a diameter of approximately 30 centimeters, a vacuum robot is relatively small and flat. Most devices contain a vacuum cleaner and a rotating brush: the brush cleans carpets and the like, the vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt, dirt, dust, and hair. This then ends up in a container inside the robot, which has to be emptied regularly.

A robot vacuum cleaner navigates independently through the apartment using various sensors, so you don’t need to do anything other than switch on the device. Multiple technologies are used for navigation: ultrasonic sensors, infrared light, or laser sensors. In this way, the vacuum cleaner robot can independently recognize and drive around furniture or abysses. If he encounters an obstacle, he usually changes direction.

Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum robots

Vacuum robots have some advantages and disadvantages. The most significant advantage of a robotic vacuum cleaner is probably the time it saves. With a vacuum robot, you have to sacrifice significantly less free time to vacuum the apartment. Especially if you have a neat apartment without many corners and carpets, numerous models can almost wholly relieve you of annoying vacuuming. While you are away from the house or lying comfortably on the sofa, the tiny device moves through the apartment and cleans. Even if you own a less expensive model or have a slightly angled apartment, you have to use a conventional vacuum cleaner significantly less.

A significant advantage for allergy sufferers is that many vacuum cleaners have a special HEPA filter that pulls fine dust particles out of the carpet and the air. If you have a dust allergy, your symptoms can be reduced by using a robot vacuum cleaner. In addition, the flat devices can easily reach places that are difficult to access, which a regular vacuum cleaner can only get with incredible difficulty. So it is always clean under pieces of furniture such as sofas or cupboards. The robot vacuum cleaner is also ideally suited for people with health problems or the elderly. Operation and maintenance are effortless and self-explanatory.

However, vacuum robots often have problems vacuuming carpets. If you have deep-pile carpets in the house, you should find out in advance whether the model you are considering is suitable for them. Even corners are often not wholly cleaned due to the primarily round construction. In addition, almost all vacuum robots have the problem that they get caught in cables lying around. It would help if you put these away in advance. Although the prices of robotic vacuum cleaners have already fallen in recent years, many models are still costly.

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