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How The Home Theatre Is Better Organized?

For many households, their home cinema is a desirable extra to the facility. Thanks to high-quality sound systems, numerous streaming services, and innovative smart TV, the living room becomes an attractive experience zone for cozy TV or series evenings. What is sometimes lacking is the organization. This can range from impractical control of the various devices to chaotic conditions in the cabling. With the right accessories, the order is restored.

No more tangled cables

The sound system consisting of boxes and subwoofer, amplifier, TV, receiver, screen, projector, Blu-ray player, set-top television, lighting The list of electrical equipment in the home theatre is long. It does not seem surprising that there is absolute chaos in the cabling without any tools. Depending on the number of cables, they can be hidden in decorative cable boxes. These accessories are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes so that they can be inconspicuously integrated into the living room furnishings. There are beautiful solutions from Hama, Curver, and Bosign, for example. Depending on the dimensions, even long socket strips with twelve slots fit entirely into it. Cable boxes have several advantages :

  • Tidy look
  • Good overview
  • Socket strips are protected from dust
  • Easy cleaning
  • Protection for children and pets

In addition, it is worth purchasing a socket strip with sufficient slots. After a certain period, several 2-way or 3-way strips accumulate because the home cinema is constantly being expanded over a certain period. A messy hodgepodge comes about, and in the long term, this leads to the fact that the overview is lost. A correspondingly larger socket strip is indispensable for better organization. Depending on requirements, a 12-way socket strip could be used, for example, to connect all devices in a bundle. However, when connecting several devices, it is essential to take the load limit into account. “As a rule, you can use a socket strip with a maximum of 3,600 watts. This means that you are only allowed to connect as many devices here with a maximum of 3.

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The following factors are also decisive when buying multiple socket outlets for the home theatre:

  • Security: To protect the sometimes expensive technology of the home cinema from damage, a socket strip with surge protection is a must. If such a product is used, a lightning strike cannot cause any damage, and overheating is prevented. Since even minimal fluctuations in the power grid can damage sensitive devices such as consoles or smart TVs, this function is essential.
  • Line filter: Image noise or strange tones are not uncommon in many places and occur in the high-frequency MHz range. High-quality socket strips can prevent such malfunctions.
  • Switch, radio / IP: A switch on the power strip is nothing unusual these days. It allows the home cinema to be switched on and off conveniently and at the same time contributes to its economic use because all connected equipment can be disconnected from the network. The standby mode is avoided. Even more, convenience moves into the home cinema with a socket strip including radio or IP. They are controlled by remote control. With some of these socket strips, it is even possible to maintain individual slots and thus selected devices in a targeted manner.
  • Master-slave: In the case of a master-slave socket strip, a master device is determined. In the home theatre, for example, this would be the smart TV or projector. Everything else, such as the sound system or receiver, is connected via slave slots. If the master device is now switched on, all other devices automatically startup. As soon as the master device is switched off, slave devices are switched to the off state. This saves manual selection and makes controlling the home theatre much easier. In addition, the standby mode is bypassed.
  • Assembly: Depending on the furniture in the home theatre, a power strip could be mounted on a cabinet or the wall. Some products have corresponding devices for convenient attachment.
  • Cable length: Many socket strips have a cable that is too short. However, since it may be necessary to bridge longer distances to the next socket, we advise you to check the cable length before buying. Finally, pairing is not allowed.

Control tip – universal remote controls

Buying a universal remote control is a sensible investment for home theatres. Otherwise, due to many devices, the technology would have to be controlled via several remote controls. That would be not only tedious but also time-consuming. In addition, the user would have the next organizational problem because he would have to keep several remote controls close by. It is a nerve-wracking affair. A universal remote control enables the entire equipment to be operated. However, there are massive differences in quality. While some models are challenging to configure, others are uncomfortable in hand or do not do what the user wants. In the blog heimkino-praxis.comBert Kössler, an ambitious technology enthusiast and proud home cinema owner, lists the central requirements for universal remote control. Including:

  • Storage space
  • Macros
  • Time control
  • Ability to learn

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