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What Is Feel Good Management?

Called feel good managers or chief happiness officers, these employees in charge of team well-being are flourishing in French companies. How do they intervene?

At the service of well-being

The concept can make you smile: how then, would we care about our happiness at work? Well yes, because well-being is a necessary condition for our performance according to numerous studies. The phenomenon has thus spread to France, first in start-ups, then in SMEs and today the largest companies, all sectors combined.

In practice, their role consists, on the one hand, in implementing working conditions and atmosphere that promote the well-being of employees and, on the other hand, in dealing with a wide variety of issues such as space planning. and working time (implementation of telework, organizational simplification, additional services, etc.).

Unite the teams

Starting from the premise that to be happy, you have to live in harmony with your team, it is up to the CHO to organize fun group activities: team building , creativity workshops, internal competitions, even external activities, etc.

This position is usually attached to human resources or management, but not always. In some companies, the function is carried out on a rotational basis. This is the case, for example, in the start-up MédecinDirect, which appoints a different CHO every month. Its mission: to organize an activity at the end of the day such as bouldering, a joke contest or an aperitif in a bar… Employees are of course not required to take part: no constraint, fun before All.

Find his place

Large companies see good management as a means of responding to various issues: prevention of psychosocial risks, management, employee motivation, health at work, with a view to improving productivity. But it is also a way of attracting talent and retaining them.

However, some question the sincerity of the approach: the presence of a feel good manager should not hide a less joyful reality. For this function to really produce effects, it is preferable that it be attached to management, in order to influence the company’s human resources policy and have a long-term impact.

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