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3 Useful Apps For Jogging

For many people, running represents a balance to everyday life that they no longer want to do without. Because jogging means clearing your head and reducing excess energy. In the following, we would like to introduce you to three useful apps that will effectively support you while running and with which you can check your training success.

1. Runtastic

Runtastic is one of the most successful apps for athletes. It is a tracking tool that runners can use to check their distances, times, and speeds. The app also offers many useful features such as a running diary and a training plan. In order to increase motivation, the users receive cups and trophies if they have achieved a certain goal, for example, a distance. If you would like to be motivated during training, you can do this via the integrated running coach. This cheers the runners on during their training.

Runtastic is a very good app for beginners too. The motivating features help keep the workout going. Even if jogging is generally not the recommended sport for losing weight, Runtastic is suitable for everyone who wants to achieve their desired weight. Because the app motivates and supports those who lose weight by making the successes in relation to their fitness level measurable.

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2. Nike + Run Club app

The app from the sports clothing manufacturer Nike is stylish and pimped up. With this program, the company manages to get involved not only in terms of clothing but also on runners’ smartphones.

Basically, the Nike + Run Club app is a tracking app. It records distances, speed, and time. However, it can also measure the heartbeat with the corresponding tracker and allows you to keep a training diary. Using the app, users can have a Nike + trainer create a training plan and use the Spotify playlist to provide them with the right music while running.

3. RunKeeper

Runkeeper is a free GPS app for iOS (affiliate link) and Android that, like any running app, evaluates the routes and provides speed and time. But this program also offers the opportunity to view statistics on the training increases. In addition, the app can measure the heart rate with various functions and it shows the calorie consumption while running.

RunKeeper is particularly popular because of its lively community. Athletes can take photos during their training and share them with their colleagues or via social media. Using an expansion function, users can let other athletes participate in their training live. Training plans and statistics can also be shared with friends via social channels such as Facebook. There are also competitions and milestones that are rewarded with trophies.

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