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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 In Three Versions

If you are about to buy a new tablet, you now have the Galaxy Tab S8 to choose from. To be more precise, the series consists of three different models, which differ from one another in terms of the display diagonal, among other things. It is also a purchase factor, as the differences are quite large. This can also partly be said of the equipment, so that all three versions should be compared with each other before buying. Of course, the financial aspect must not be forgotten, because the most money must be put on the table for the best performance. It starts with the Tab S8 with a recommended retail price of 749 euros, followed by the Tab S8+ with 949 euros and the Tab S8 Ultra with 1,149 euros. These are logically the starting prices,

TFT display versus Super AMOLED

If you touch the S8, you can feel the aluminum case. The three color variants silver, graphite and pink-gold are available for the S8 and the Plus model. With the S8 Ultra it is reduced to graphite. The touch screen on the front is made of Gorilla Glass, the real differences are coming now.

The normal S8 “only” has a TFT display with a diagonal of 11 inches. The S8+ has 12.4 inches and the Ultra version has a whopping 14.6 inches. In both cases, the better Super AMOLED display is “of course” installed. The resolutions are a bit strange, because the S8 has the sharpest image at 276 ppi. The Plus has 266 ppi and the Ultra has 240 ppi. So big isn’t always better.

The rest of the data

All three models have a 64-bit octa-core processor using the 4 nm process. At this point in time, however, it is not yet clear whether it is an Exynos or a Snapdragon. The main memory is 8 or 12 GB, with the Ultra there is an additional 16 GB to choose from. This is also the case with the internal memory, which is 128, 256 or up to 512 GB in the Ultra. Memory expansion via a microSD card is possible.

Since a tablet is designed for mobile use, a battery is logically installed. Fortunately, Samsung doesn’t differentiate when it comes to charging speed, so all S8 versions support a maximum of 45 watts (Super Fast Charging 2.0). However, the charging times are different because of the different battery capacities due to the sizes. The regular S8 yields 8,000 mAh, the S8+ 10,090 mAh and the S8 Ultra 11,200 mAh.

It can be unlocked via the integrated fingerprint scanner. On the smallest model, this is in the power button, on the other two (S8+ and S8 Ultra) it is hidden under the display.

Identical main cameras

One thing the three devices have in common is not only the Android 12 operating system including One UI, but also the main cameras are the same. This means that all have a dual camera of 13 and 6 megapixels (wide and ultra wide angle) on the back. The front camera is a little different, as while they all have a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, the Ultra still has an additional 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. Therefore, there is also a subtle notch here.

Last but not least, the dimensions and weight are interesting. The Galaxy Tab S8 is 165.3 x 253.8 x 6.3mm and 507g and the Galaxy Tab S8+ is 185 x 285 x 5.7mm and 572g, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is 208.6 x 326, 4 x 5.5mm and 728g.

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