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Stop Sweat And Bad Smells From Body

It is one of the typical problems of the season that can be faced with aesthetic medicine treatments and good deodorant.

The temperatures rise, and the sweat problem returns with some urgency. In most cases, the situation can be kept under control with good habits that start with the correct use of a quality deodorant.

On the other hand, when the problem becomes very significant to affect social life, it may be advisable to contact an aesthetic doctor.

” Botulinum toxin is known as the drug par excellence capable of reducing facial expression lines for a lifting effect”.

” Few people know that one of its applications is the reduction of a problem that is accentuated in the hot season, namely hyperhidrosis, sweating “, continues the expert.

“Patients suffering from excessive sweating and resistant to topical treatments can greatly benefit from botulinum toxin therapy”, explains Lazzeri ” The drug is injected under the skin in the affected areas such as hands, feet and armpits to reduce the activity of the sweat glands. With a single session, you get an effect that lasts up to a year ».

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To keep sweating, so to speak, average under control, the first good rule is to use the latest generation deodorant to modulate its effectiveness based on the production of sweat.

It is not a question of stopping it but of reducing the bad smells formed and ensuring a sensation of freshness that makes you feel calm on every occasion.

But be careful to apply the deodorant on the armpits after cleaning consistently; if you want to put it back during the day, it is advisable to do it after a quick refresh which in the absence of water can also be done with a towel.

The armpit area is very delicate, and due to sweat, it can quickly become red and irritated. So be careful to choose deodorant formulas that ensure maximum delicacy with the skin to keep under control not only sweat but also any discomfort that may arise.

Is the skin particularly delicate? Beware of perfumed deodorants and those sprays that can irritate due to the delivery method.

Clothing is essential; synthetic fabrics tend to retain sweat with an annoying wet sensation and favour the formation of foul odours.

It is, therefore, better to choose natural fabrics, from cotton to linen to silk, that allow the skin to transpire so that the part always remains fresh.

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