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Six Moves and The Hair is Ready For The Sun

The rays are not a cure-all for the hair. If it is healthy and vital, it can cope better without suffering damage.

It is now clear: the sun is not very good for the hair. On the contrary, it dries up and wears them out, makes them dull, dull and weak. Countermeasures start even before the holidays: if the hair is strong and vital, staying in the sun without suffering damage becomes easier.

Change the shampoo Now you need a very delicate one, better if enriched with vegetable oils and butter that already take care of the fibre from washing, preventing it from becoming depleted. The frequency with which to use it remains a personal choice: even one wash a day is allowed if the detergent is mild and you do not use too hot water that dehydrates.

Program the mask more often. If before you limited yourself to once every ten, fifteen days, do it every week, even two, by putting it only on the final part of the hair, the most damaged and weakest part that suffers most from the sun.

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For the hair to fully enjoy it, the secret is to proceed calmly:

  • Spread the product evenly, strand by strand, from root to tip with only the help of your fingers.
  • Leave on for at least ten minutes, preferably wrapping your head in a towel soaked in boiling water and well wrung out so that the heat makes the treating principles penetrate deeply.
  • Emulsify with a little warm water and proceed with a thorough rinse.

Make the pack richer If you don’t have a lot of time, you can add a tablespoon of almond or coconut oil to the mask, so it becomes even more nourishing and regenerating. Vegetable oils and butter are perfect for a super-nourishing pack: mix a spoonful of coconut oil with one of shea butter and one of aloe gel and apply it on the hair, massaging them, especially on the ends. The ideal is to let the pack act for two or three hours or do it in the evening, keep it all night and wash your hair in the morning, always with a mild shampoo.

Purifies the scalp Smog, sebum, product residues, impurities suffocate the skin, remove oxygen, limit the nourishment of the bulbs and thus end up weakening the hair. A scrub helps to rid the scalp of toxins: massage it after wetting the head. Otherwise, it is too aggressive, with light movements of the fingertips. Take it away with warm water and then with the usual shampooing.

Review the styling. First of all, lower the temperature of the hairdryer since the heat removes hydration from the fibre and weakens it. Better a jet of air to a minimum and as soon as possible take advantage of the summer to let the hair dry in the air. Attention then to the plate: now more than ever, its use must be dosed with extreme parsimony.

Make an appointment at the salon. This is the time to cut your hair by removing the damaged final part that dries up even more in the sun. It is also good to program keratin-based treatments that help tame frizz throughout the summer without having to stress the fibre too much with brushing and plates.

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