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Lips Are Back As Protagonists Again

Removed the obligation of the mask, at least outdoors. The mouth is again in the foreground. Conditioners, glosses and lipsticks soften it and dress it with colour.

Until yesterday, hidden under the omnipresent mask, the lips with the new rules are once again one of the focal points of female beauty.

But it’s not just about colouring them. «Not very protected and very delicate, they quickly dry up especially now with heat, sun, air conditioning.

This is why every day, even several times a day, you need the help of sticks, butter and balms with an emollient and nourishing action. “Precious ingredients are coconut and argan oils, shea butter and Centella to which vitamin E is added, which is particularly effective in the case of lips that tend to crack”, comments the expert.

Before putting on the lipstick again, some extra attention should be paid to dryness and small cracks. “First of all, you need the scrub, useful for removing cuticles, but always very delicate so as not to stress the mucosa,” explains the expert.

” Let’s go with the masks: they are rich in vegetable kinds of butter and highly moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid to give softness and at the same time to preserve the turgor of the lips”, comments Tiraboschi.

Do it yourself solutions? «A delicate scrub with honey rubbed on the lips with your fingers or with a very soft toothbrush and a pack with olive or sweet almond oil.

And finally, the time for colour arrives. Greenlight to what you love most. A coloured lip balm, for example, is the winning choice because it wants to combine glamour and treatment: protective and nourishing. In the coloured versions, it adds a bright, discreet, but visible touch.

Gloss instead for those who prefer shine: easy to apply in the versions with the brush that perfectly follows the contour of the lips, it gives a vibrant but never excessive colour, with a unique shine that adds volume to the lips.

Finally, great return of the beloved lipstick. Every woman has the formula and colour she prefers considering that the darker the skin, the more warm tones, from orange to geranium red, from bronze to copper, enhance it to the full.

The lipsticks transfer remains the preferred choice to ensure colour and durability even in the hottest weather or in closed environments where more is required. The newer formulations are rich in emollient agents: therefore, they offer durability without drying the lips, keeping them soft throughout the day.

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