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The Five Key Steps To Retaining A Company’s Customers

You will no longer be those who believe that a satisfied customer will necessarily become a loyal customer.

Satisfaction remains punctual and varies from one product or service to another. It cannot therefore be synonymous with fidelity. Retaining a company’s customers is hard work that lasts over time. For newly established businesses, it is important to seek help from the business advisory or consulting agency .

The survival of an organization, company or business essentially depends on it. However, it is important to know that loyalty actions cost up to ten times less than those it takes to have new customers.

Retaining a company’s customers: the steps to achieve this objective?

  1. The first step is to establish positive communication in the company. This contributes to the loyalty of the sales forces, that is to say to constitute a team which has the same vision of its missions as the company. It will be a homogeneous and close-knit team to facilitate their commitment to work.
  2. Maintain a lasting relationship with customers, for example on the choice of store or boutique which is done out of habit. Customers often have a special attachment to a place where they receive a warm welcome, have their bearings, and feel at ease. The choice is subjective but includes a non-negligible relational aspect which reflects the positive effect of e-marketing.
  3. Recognize good customers. The segmentation of customers must indeed be done according to the logic of the Pareto principle. Thus, the 20% of customers who generate 80% of turnover must benefit from personalized treatment. For example, offering them recognition gifts, a special sale or simply New Year’s greetings messages, etc.
  4. Set up an interactive listening structure.
  5. Set up a structure, focus on listening to get constant feedback from customers. This makes it possible to detect any anomalies, potential customer complaints and to remedy them quickly.
  6. Knowing how to distinguish yourself through the notion of service. Nowadays, it is the services offered that differentiate from one company to another. Customer loyalty is essentially linked to the company’s responsiveness to their expectations. Loyal customers are generally those who feel that companies are listening to them.

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