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Use WhatsApp With Alexa – The Most Critical Information

Sending messages by voice command – that’s possible. But does that also work in combination with Alexa and WhatsApp? We have the information.

In the meantime, the intelligent voice assistant Alexa has blossomed into helpful support in many different areas. For example, the AI ​​in the Amazon Echo can remind you of appointments, make and receive calls and send messages. You have probably already asked yourself whether the coupling of Alexa and WhatsApp is possible. Unfortunately, there is currently no official skill to send messages in Messenger via Alexa. To do this, you still have to use your smartphone. Reading WhatsApp messages is also currently not possible with Alexa. It is not known whether and when there will be an official application.

Connect Alexa and WhatsApp – the unofficial way

A private developer has published a skill for Alexa that can send WhatsApp messages and read them aloud. His application is called Project Alexa and can be found on GitHub, a code-sharing platform for developers and programmers. You will also find instructions on installing the WhatsApp skill on your Amazon Echo.

Attention: the mini-program violates the general terms and conditions of the popular messenger. If you use it anyway, you risk an account being blocked.

Sending messages with Alexa – Here’s how

If you use an Amazon Echo and send a message to another Alexa user, you don’t need WhatsApp. Messages can be sent by voice command using the Push Message skill.

  • Activate the Push Message skill. You can learn how to do this in our article Install Alexa Skill – How it works.
  • Start the application with the voice command “Alexa, open push message.”
  • Dictate your message to Alexa and name the contact to whom it should be sent.

As soon as Alexa has an answer, the LED ring lights up yellow, and she reads the received message out to you if you wish. Use the voice command “Alexa, what did I miss?” Or “Alexa, play my messages.” The speakers do not have to be in the same apartment or house to use the skill.

If you want to communicate quickly and easily between internal Amazon echoes, you don’t need a connection between Alexa and WhatsApp. Short messages between intelligent speakers within the apartment are possible via drop-in.

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