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What Is The Engagement Rate, And Why Is It Increasingly Important In Digital Advertising?

The appearance of engagement and its importance for investors in social media and digital advertising. In this case, instead, we will focus more on the meeting that takes place in the other branch of digital advertising: Publishers.

We know from Publisher that it is a communication medium that offers any digital content. Therefore, 90% of the web pages on the Internet fall within this definition: digital newspapers, sports, e-commerce, online search engines, music, streamers, etc.

This is where the Engagement Rate comes into play. Let us remember that an engagement (interaction by the user) is that moment in which the ad recipient pays attention to our creativity. This interaction can occur differently, depending on how the advertiser or brand interprets which one suits their needs.

In this case, we can see an example of a Cosmetic Mobile Ad, where the user can initially see the model’s image and a brief copy text that gives us a little more information about the product. Engagement will only occur if the user swipes up (Swipe Up) since it is the necessary action to see 100% of the ad.

In this way, we can draw several conclusions. Among them, the most valuable will be whether my publishers or web pages where I am advertising are providing me with a good level of users who interact with my ad. That is, in this case, it would be logical to think that this type of ad will have a higher Engagement Rate (the% of Engagements obtained among all the times the ad has been shown) when it is advertised on web pages dedicated to fashion or cosmetics than when announced in an environment aimed at people who are fond of men’s sports.

Due to the increasing competition within the digital world and online advertising, more and more techniques appear to attract the audience’s attention. That is why the engagement rate has been postulated as the primary metric or KPI when deciding where, when and how to invest brand budgets in any Publisher.

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