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What Is A PUK?

If you rarely switch off your mobile phone, as many do now, you can forget your PIN if the battery is empty. If this is entered several times incorrectly, you will suddenly be asked for the PUK. We’ll explain what it’s all about and how you can use the PUK to use your mobile phone again.


A PUK is a code that is usually used to unlock a blocked SIM card. If you enter your PIN incorrectly several times, the PUK will be requested. With this, you can unlock the SIM again and continue to use it to make calls. Like the PIN, a PUK is supplied with the contract documents.

The PUK is a sensible security measure as it protects against unauthorized access to your cell phone. If this is stolen from you, the tip cannot use every imaginable combination but will be referred to the PUK after a few incorrect entries. Since he does not know this either, the mobile phone will be blocked if it is entered incorrectly, and your data will remain safe.

PUK is not only used for SIM cards but also for ID cards. If you have entered the code incorrectly several times, the PUK will be requested.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I unlock my SIM again?

If you have entered the PIN incorrectly several times, you can unblock the SIM by entering the PUK. If you enter this incorrectly several times, the SIM is wholly lost. Contact your mobile operator and ask for a new SIM card. This takes a few days and can also cost money.

Where can I find the PUK?

The PUK is supplied by the mobile network operator in the contract documents. If it is a prepaid card, you will find the code in the welcome package. It is usually indicated next to the SIM and hidden. With a coin, you can rub off the field and get to the code.

What if I lost my PUK?

If you lose the PUK and enter the PIN incorrectly several times, you should contact your mobile network operator. In some cases, they can send you the PUK, thus avoiding the costs of a completely new SIM card. But keep in mind that this also takes time.

How can I avoid losing the PUK?

Contract documents or welcome packages can get lost. You can keep the PUK safe by taking a photo of the code and saving it on your hard drive under the name “PUK”. If you forget it, enter “PUK” in the search function of your operating system, and the graphic with the code will be displayed.

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