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What Is Tethering?

More and more smartphones are being equipped with a flat data rate and can surf the web without limits for a basic monthly fee. It would be helpful if this feature could be transferred to the notebook at no additional cost. Tethering comes into play.


With tethering (translated: connect), a smartphone is connected to a computer and thus offers it the opportunity to surf the Internet. The data is sent from the computer to the smartphone, thanks to the flat data rate, via the mobile network operator to the web, from there back to the smartphone and back to the computer.

Tethering can be set up via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN. The speed that is achieved depends on the reception and the services booked by your mobile network operator.

Tethering is a practical option if you keep using your notebook and want an Internet connection. This saves you the cost of an internet stick. Please note, however, that the function demands the smartphone and shortens the battery life.

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Frequently asked Questions

How do I activate tethering?

You can activate tethering in the settings of your smartphone. On the iPhone, the function is “Personal Hotspot”. On Android, activate the option “USB tethering” under “Settings” and “Wireless and networks” for “Tethering and portable hotspot”. So you can surf the web with your notebook via USB.

Can I use tethering?

This is a legitimate question. Not all mobile network operators allow tethering at every data flat rate. Contact support to find out whether your contract allows tethering. If not, ask for an option or a tariff change that allows it.

Can tethering also be used without a flat data rate?

You can also use tethering without a flat data rate. Note that this can result in high costs. To avoid this, only use tethering for a short time – or book a flat data rate.

How can I deactivate tethering?

You can turn tethering off the same way you turned it on. Go to the settings of your smartphone and deactivate the previously selected function there. This not only cuts the connection it also saves the battery.

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