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Advertising On WhatsApp: What Is It?

How many times a day do you use WhatsApp? Has it become your main mode of communication? You probably use it to talk to family, friends, clients, confirm appointments and even do business with your bank. Throughout the day, a number of messages and conversations are generated and we spend a lot of time in this app. Have you considered advertising on WhatsApp ?

Advertising on WhatsApp from the company account

Perhaps you have noticed that in some of your contacts, under their name, it says “Company account”. This is WhatsApp Business , and many companies already use it. Upgrading to the Business version is as simple as downloading the app and following the installation steps.

The differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger are:

  • Company profile: you can include your business hours, physical address with a link to Maps, other forms of contact such as email and a product catalog.
  • Business messaging: allows you to configure automatic messages to welcome, notify absences and give quick responses.
  • Landline phone support: allows you to link it to a landline phone number.
  • Use both apps: You can use both apps as long as you have two different phone numbers.
  • Verifiable: WhatsApp Business allows you to verify the number, which results in security and credibility for people.
  • WhatsApp web: to expedite you have the app available in a computer version.
  • Tags: you can create tags to classify conversations by topic or as needed to keep it organized.

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Now that I have WhatsApp Business, how can I advertise?

With all of the above, we already have some good wickers to advertise our company through WhatsApp, but for it to really work, you must also communicate the phone number in each publication you make. The goal is to get more contacts to join your account, and they must save your contact so they can see you and send them communications. How can you do it? Three tips:

  • Make raffles and ask for the phone number as a condition to participate.
  • Give away lead magnets, create good content in the format that best suits your business and ask for the phone number in exchange to receive it.
  • Make your number known every time you post something on other social networks, on your website,… don’t miss the opportunity for them to see your number so they can save it.

By using WhatsApp Business you will be able to configure advertising campaigns through Facebook, you will be able to link your number with this social network to receive direct messages, also configure it on your website to have an open chat with users and solve doubts or close sales.

Is advertising on WhatsApp the present and the future of advertising on social networks?

They have been saying for years that WhatsApp is going to include advertising like any other social network, but it has not yet been defined how, because this social network could stop being what it is, a communication channel that we consider private and where we choose who we talk to.

In the meantime, it can be used as long as people decide to save the contact and give their number to receive information. It is up to you to maintain that relationship by creating attractive, creative, non-intrusive messages and with the right cadence so that they sink in. This is how advertising is done on WhatsApp.

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