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An All-natural Beauty, Anti-waste Recipes

The natural pleases in every dimension. Even beauty is increasingly green. Sales of organic cosmetics that respect the skin and the environment are growing. The preference for green treatments is increasing in salons and beauty centres is increasing.

The year of the pandemic then definitively consecrated the homely dimension of beauty, teaching that you can be beauty-addicted even within the walls of your home by recovering in the refrigerator and the pantry everything you need for face, body and facial care recipes. Hair. Moreover, they can also be prepared with what is left over to avoid waste and respect the environment.

Have you prepared herbal tea? The filters of the infusions are not thrown away: they are put in the freezer for a few minutes and applied on minor redness due to the wind, prolonged exposure to the sun, a small cut to relieve discomfort and restore immediate comfort.

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The sachets already used together with a new one can be added to the footbath water together with a couple of tablespoons of baking soda or oil to soften the skin of the feet.

If the five o’clock tea has become a pleasant home tradition, the sachets can be recycled for a completely green and homemade mask. Just dry the contents of a couple of sachets, empty them into a mixer and blend them with two tablespoons of plain yoghurt and a tablespoon of honey.

Once all the ingredients have been mixed well and obtained a smooth and homogeneous mixture, it is sufficient to distribute it on the face with a light massage, leaving it on for 15 minutes; remove everything with warm water, pat the face gently and finish with the application of a veil of moisturizer.

Even coffee grounds can have new life. Four tablespoons mixed with the same number of coarse salt are enough for a regenerating exfoliation. After having passed under the shower, wet hands rub the scrub with circular movements throughout the area of ​​the thighs and hips for three minutes, using a sponge glove if you prefer.

Leave the mixture to act for a couple of minutes and rinse everything with warm water and then apply a generous dose of almond oil to the body to restore the correct hydro-lipid balance.

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