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How And Why Clear The Cache Of Android Applications

First, you must know what cache memory is: it is one of our mobile phone’s resources to store data using an auxiliary memory. Its function is to save information to avoid requesting the same data repeatedly, making the load faster.

When you clear the cache, you delete the temporary data of the application while respecting your user data. It is an excellent way to free up space and reset the application without deleting what you want to keep.

We will tell you how to clear the cache of your mobile applications. Remember that we will see it on the Android options of version 10, so you can slightly change any opportunity if you have another version. We will see it step by step to make it easier. Go for it!

1. Access your mobile settings

Inside your mobile phone, look for Settings and select the Applications option

2. Search all available applications

You will find a section called ‘List of applications’ or simply ‘Applications.’ Click, and you will be shown the list of those you have available.

3. Check the list of applications

When you are here, you will see all the applications available on your phone (some of them surely you had even forgotten) and select the one you want to clear the cache.

4. Look at the app storage

Once you have selected the application you want to see, you will see all its information: permissions, app details, uninstall option… and the one that allows you to see the storage. Choose this option that you will need to clear the cache.

5. Clear the cache

You already have the information of all the data of this application that your phone has stored. Time to clear your cache and free up that data!

Simple and easy! Get rid of all the data stored in your applications with these five steps. Now, when you access the application, you will see that it is as if you had reinstalled it, but with your user data intact. Your account will be saved with the email and password but without stored cache data.

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